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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get Exposure

Are you a new GRI? If so, now is the time to let everyone know of your great accomplishment. Time to get exposure!

The GRI designation is an excellent tool in today's real estate industry. It provides you with the extra edge and knowledge needed to strive in the competitive real estate business. GRI provides you with several ways to gain exposure.

Soon after obtaining the #1 designation you will receive your official completion packet containing a press release that should immediately be submitted to your local newspaper. The press release explains how important your GRI designation is and announces to buyers, sellers, and other real estate industry members that you are a true professional and have a solid grasp of real estate fundamentals.

Also in your completion packet, you will receive two sample self-promotional brochures. These handy downloadable brochures are available to paid members of the GRInetwork in three different styles. Use them wisely! They are intended to be handed out to your potential clients. The brochures highlight the benefits of choosing a REALTOR® with the GRI designation (YOU) and explain what the GRI designation is, as well as what it has taken for you to earn it. This is the perfect way to show your clients that they are making the right decision by choosing YOU to serve their needs!

Lastly, visit http://www.grinetwork.org/, the GRI networking website, and ensure that you are listed with your most current information. Your regular listing is complimentary, but for only $79.95 per year, you can upgrade your listing and REALLY get exposure! A paid membership includes free access to self-promotional brochures. It also gives you additional search features including priority search placement, uploading your picture and adding personalized information as well as creating a detail page. ,You also have increased credibility being able to link to a professional portfolio page from your web site using a verify logo. You will also gain exposure through paid advertising and promoting to the entire real estate community.

You have earned GRI, the #1 real estate designation! Now make it work for you and get exposure!

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