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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make Your GRI Work for YOU!

Are you a GRI? If so, you are a member of a very elite group of Real Estate Professionals.

Did you know statistics show that less than 6% of all REALTORS® in the state of CA hold the GRI Designation? GRIs make up merely 2.39% of all CA real estate licensees!

The GRI designation is an excellent tool in today's real estate industry, which gives you the extra edge and knowledge to excel in today's competitive real estate business.

Proudly use your prestigious designation! Let your clients know that you have gone above and beyond to advance your knowledge and get the education you need to make you a leader in this industry.

Become a member of GRInetwork.org!  As a member, you will have access to benefits that are great for increasing your client base.  You will have access to GRI self-promotional brochures which you can distribute to your potential clients to let them know why they should work with you, a GRI, over another agent.  You may add your picture and personalized information to the search results to create a strong and detailed professional page.  Membership also includes a GRInetwork.org verify logo that can be added to your website which will link your visitors to your GRI professional profile.

Be sure to frame your beautiful GRI certificate and post it proudly for your clients to see. Wear your lapel pin when meeting with clients, so that they see you are a GRI. Be sure to put the GRI logo on your business cards, stationary, flyers, website and other advertising. If you need a replacement certificate or pin, or to get access to the GRI logo, please call PRI at (888) 785-4800 for details.

You've earned it, now let it work for you!

Friday, March 26, 2010

California GRI classes for the week of March 29

GRI Schedule

Santa Rosa - Apr 2 (Fri) - GRI #109 Residential Real...

More information: All GRI schedules | How to Register | (888) 785-4800

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Traveling to Get Educated May be Deductible

The California GRI designation is offered in several wonderful cities throughout the state!

We would like to remind you that the cost of obtaining a GRI designation, including expenses incurred for travel are deductible.  The expenses are deductible for those maintaining or improving a skill that is required in their current trade or business.

If a particular GRI class you wish to take is not available in your area, consider traveling to another location to take the class.  A significant portion of your transportation, including gas, parking and toll fees and airfare are deductible as well as hotel and meal costs.

The San Diego Association of REALTORS®' next class will be held on Friday, March 26, 2010.  The GRI course being held in San Diego will be #111, Investment Property Analysis, taught by GRI State Instructor, Ed Estes.  This is a perfect opportunity to travel to a beautiful location you can enjoy and get invaluable knowledge at the same time!

To find out what other great locations host the GRI series, please visit www.eDesignations.com or call PRI at (888) 875-4800.

Friday, March 19, 2010

California GRI classes for the week of March 22

GRI Schedule

Pleasanton - Mar 24 (Wed) - GRI #114 Essential Concep...
Bakersfield - Mar 24 (Wed) - GRI #100 Agency Relations...
Bakersfield - Mar 24 (Wed) - GRI #101 Ethics, Professi...
Palm Springs - Mar 24 (Wed) - GRI #102 Trust Fund Manag...
Palm Springs - Mar 24 (Wed) - GRI #104 Fair Housing...
Fresno - Mar 25 (Thu) - GRI #114 Essential Concep...
San Diego - Mar 26 (Fri) - GRI #111 Investment Prope...
San Gabriel - Mar 26 (Fri) - GRI #110 Marketing, Finan...

More information: All GRI schedules | How to Register | (888) 785-4800

Friday, March 12, 2010

California GRI classes for the week of March 15

GRI Schedule

Vista - Mar 18 (Thu) - GRI #107 Technology Appli...
Antioch - Mar 18 (Thu) - GRI #100 Agency Relations...
Antioch - Mar 18 (Thu) - GRI #101 Ethics, Professi...

More information: All GRI schedules | How to Register | (888) 785-4800

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THE GRI PROGRAM: Two Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Can other classes I’ve completed be applied toward my GRI?

Outside continuing education credit may not be applied towards obtaining the CA GRI designation.  In order to maintain the quality of the CA GRI designation and to insure that a student accumulates a certain body of knowledge, each student must complete all of the GRI courses offered by PRI and taught by a member of our State Faculty.

Do I have to complete ALL the classes listed on the GRI program?

All 14 courses must be successfully completed in order to receive GRI credit for each course. The 14 courses are offered in 12 sessions. Course 100 and 101 are taught in one day, as are courses 102 and 104. GRI courses may be done in any order and in any CA GRI location. The CA GRI program consists of the following 14 courses:
  • 100 Agency Relationships, Duties and Disclosures
  • 101 Ethics, Professional Conduct and Legal Aspects
  • 102 Trust Fund Management
  • 104 Fair Housing
  • 105 Legal Issues
  • 106 Money Making Strategies for Success
  • 107 Technology Applications in Real Estate
  • 108 GRI Risk Management
  • 109 Residential Real Estate Finance
  • 110 Marketing, Financing and Managing Commercial Properties
  • 111 Investment Property Analysis
  • 112 Environmental Concerns, Construction Overview & Land Use
  • 113 Real Property, Tax and Exchanging
  • 114 Essential Concepts of the C.A.R Residential Purchase Agreement

Friday, March 5, 2010

California GRI classes for the week of March 8

GRI Schedule

Laguna Hills - Mar 9 (Tue) - GRI #100 Agency Relations...
Laguna Hills - Mar 9 (Tue) - GRI #101 Ethics, Professi...
Beverly Hills - Mar 10 (Wed) - GRI #112 Environmental Co...
Sacramento - Mar 11 (Thu) - GRI #102 Trust Fund Manag...
Sacramento - Mar 11 (Thu) - GRI #104 Fair Housing...
San Mateo - Mar 11 (Thu) - GRI #111 Investment Prope...

More information: All GRI schedules | How to Register | (888) 785-4800