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Monday, January 25, 2010

Credit Received From the GRI Series

GRI Questions
Successfully completing the California Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) series will allot each student 92 hours of GRI Designation and Continuing Education credit. A GRI completion certificate will be awarded and the continuing education credit obtained will satisfy the State of CA requirements for all salesperson and broker license renewals.

The CA GRI series consists of the 5 Mandated Courses and 9 Continuing Education Unit courses. The GRI program consists of the following:

#100 Agency Relationships, Duties and Disclosures (3 Hours, Agency-Mandated)
#101 Ethics, Professional Conduct and Legal Aspects (3 Hours, Ethics-Mandated)
#102 Trust Fund Management (3 Hours, Trust Funds-Mandated)
#104 Fair Housing (3 Hours, Fair Housing-Mandated)
#105 Legal Issues (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)
#106 Money Making Strategies for Success (8 Hours, Consumer Service)
#107 Technology Applications in Real Estate (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)
#108 GRI Risk Management (8 Hours, Risk Management-Mandated)
#109 Residential Real Estate Finance (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)
#110 Marketing, Financing and Managing Commercial Properties (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)
#111 Investment Property Analysis (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)
#112 Environmental Concerns, Construction Overview & Land Use (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)
#113 Real Property, Tax and Exchanging (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)
#114 Essential Concepts of the C.A.R Residential Purchase Agreement (8 Hours, Consumer Protection)

You may also download a PDF format of the GRI program and DRE Classification information.

Contact PRI at (888) 785-4800 or www.eDesignations.com to enroll or for more details

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