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Monday, November 30, 2009

Does Your Website Serve Your Clients' Needs?

Michael Soon Lee by GRI Instructor Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP, CRS, GRI

Author: "111 Ways to Justify Your Commission" and "Black Belt Negotiating"

Most real estate websites are ineffective in attracting clients because they’re all about you and, frankly, buyers and sellers don't care. They don't care how long you’ve been in real estate or how many homes you've sold because they only care about one thing… that you can meet their needs.

To find out if your website is client-oriented simply print out your home page and highlight those statements that are a benefit to clients. In other words it must answer the question, "What do the features you've listed do for me?" For example, being in real estate for ten years learning how to solve clients’ housing needs is a benefit. Gaining valuable experience handling many different types of transactions is likewise a benefit.

Unfortunately, after doing this exercise most agents find very few yellow highlights. Looking at your website from the client's perspective will make it much more effective.

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