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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We Know You've Heard This Before - Back Up!

True story - The GRI website was compromised by some intruders last week. The attack originated from Russia. No information was stolen, but the intruder changed some lines of code which affected our website. (Note: No student information is stored on our website server.)

We quickly took our site down and were able to restore our website from our backup in no time. We are fanatical about our backups! Nightly, we back up 3 different ways in case one fails. We back up to tape, to a 4 Terabyte external hard drive and we have a subscription to back up online as well.

I know what you are saying, GRI is taking this too far. Maybe we are. But ask yourself, how difficult would it be to conduct business if you lost all your contact information? What if you lost an important contract or marketing materials?

Loss of data does not only occur because of a virus or a hacker. It can happen due to various others:
- Hard drive failure
- Accidental deletion
- Hardware (think laptop) is lost or stolen
- Hardware loss due to flood or fire

You may not need 3 methods of backing up, but just in case, do yourself a favor and start backing up your important data today.

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