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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tech: Never Leave Out an Attachment Again!

How many times have you sent an e-mail and realized too late that you forgot the attachment?

Attachments Forget is a useful tool that will remind you to attach the file you have referenced in your e-mail. This Microsoft Outlook add-in looks for specific keywords or phrases in the body of your message that reference an attachment. Once it's found one of these keywords or phrases, it looks for the attached file. If you have forgotten to attach the file, you'll see this:

Note: This add-in only works with Microsoft Outlook.

MAPILab allows you to try out this add-in for 30 days before you decide to purchase it. It also comes with 17 other useful add-ins:

· E-mail Scheduler: Schedule messages to be sent out at a later time, or set up recurring e-mails.
· Task E-mail Scheduler: Create a task that will schedule messages to be sent out.
· File Send Automatically: Automatically send a file after you have finished editing it.
· File Fetch: Send highly requested files automatically. For example, you can set up a rule that will automatically send a reply with information on a property whenever anyone e-mails you with the property address as the subject.
· Mailing List Services: Save all e-mails addresses in a selected e-mail (s) to your Address book.
· Message AutoFill: Customize your send options. For examples, send a message to your Boss when you are in the “Boss” Folder. This add-in will automatically fill in the “To,” “From,” “CC,” and “Subject” fields and select the mail account the message is sent from according to the rules you specify.
· Batched Mail: Some e-mail providers limit the number of messages you can send. Plan your mail sending process to avoid these limitations.
· Contacts Journaling: Keep track of all correspondence with a contact.
· E-mail Reminder: Never forget an appointment! Have your reminders sent to your mobile device automatically.
· Hide Fax Numbers: Simplify your choices and hide fax numbers from the contact details list so you don't accidentally e-mail to a fax number
· Attachment Options: Specify the types of attachments you would like to receive.
· vCard Converter: Convert your data into the vCard format.
· Subscription Manager: Manage a subscription list. Users may subscribe and unsubscribe from your mailing lists and the distribution list is updated accordingly.
· Email Redirect: Don't forward! Redirect a message to a new recipient.
· Find and Replace: Find and Replace Data in your Contacts, Messages, Tasks, Notes, Reminders and Journal entries.
· Send If Approved: Send e-mails only after they have been approved. For example, if you have hired a new trainee, this allows you to review their e-mail messages before they have been sent.
· Reminders Assistant: Never miss a reminder again! Outlook only reminds you to follow up on items located in your Inbox, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts folders. This add-in allows you to have reminders set for all folders!

Check out MAPILab Toolbox and let us know how you would use it!

Try it out all 18 tools for free for 30 days or buy the whole set for only $24.

This blog is wholly independent and not affiliated with MAPILab, Microsoft, its parent company (s) or any related businesses.

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